For as long as you can remember, your life in The Realm of The Crossroads has been permeated by the low level hum of subconscious thought. Over the years you’ve tried repeatedly to push the thoughts from your mind. No matter how hard you try you find yourself repeatedly standing face-to-face with your inexplicable fascination with the mythical city of Atlantis.

Whether it’s the stories from when you were young; or the strange way its legend has woven itself into your life; or the secret hope that it all might be true, you cannot say. What you have come to be sure of, though, is that you must find out. Armed with your insatiable wanderlust and your intuition, you set out upon what may become your life’s journey. Driven by a force deep within you, you find yourself stepping out onto the road before you’ve even had a chance to say good-bye.

Days have passed since you first left your door…or weeks…or more for all you can remember. Thoughts lingers in your mind as you travel down the path that leads to lands unknown. You reminisce about that still, silent night that found you wandering into The Crossroads Inn. Your future lies before you. Your past fades behind you. Your destiny stands beside you. What do you do?

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The Crossroads GGBoostrom